Posted by: Beth | February 15, 2013

Report from Kabul – Beggar Girls in the Streets

A report by Faiz, member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV). Faiz and the other volunteers run open classes that large numbers of local children attend, including children from the street such as Mariam.

My friend’s name is Mariam. She is 12 years old. I want to teach you
about the situation of beggar girls on the streets of Kabul. Mariam is
a beggar girl. Every evening around 4:30 she stands in front of  a
bakery in karte se and asks each person who buys  bread to also buy a
piece for her.  She stops at 7:00. Each night people give her around
20 pieces of bread. I asked her to please stop this work. She said her
family does not have enough bread at home. I asked her what her
brothers and sisters did. She said that one of her sister’s name is
Frishta and she also begs.

Mariam has a father and both a mother and a step- mother. Mariam has
two older brothers and her step-mother has 6 children. Mariam and her
bothers go to school. Mariam’s father will not let her to go to a
special course about English, computers and mathematics. She says her
father argues with her mother about family problems. Her father is a
mover. He rents his wheelbarrow so that people can carry things from
place to place.
Mariam is quite short. Her scarf and clothes are old. Her jacket is
also very old. Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (APV) want to help the
children in the streets. We want to teach them how to write and read.
We also want to teach them about nonviolence. Mariam wants to be a
teacher in the future.

Mariam is afraid of her father. She says her father will beat her if
she goes to the special class. I want to ask the children in the class I teach to invite  Mariam to come to the classes at the APV’s house. I hope she does.


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